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The FAST Anti-Freeze Basics video is available right now for only $29.95 plus $13 U.S. shipping and handling for a total of 42.95 US.

Because of the various country exchange rates we do not offer a money back guarantee on International orders.

Please order either PAL or NTSC videos as suited for your country's TV system.

There are three ways to order:



1. Order online through our secure Verisign Powered server by clicking on the button below.

To order NTSC - DVD

To order NTSC - PAL Video VHS

2. Mail in your International money order, payable in U.S. funds (or your credit card info) to:
DMM Group, LLC
1 Stone Ridge Rd.
Sussex, NJ 07461

You can use the printable order form by clicking on the button to the right.



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