How to teach children the proper interaction with strangers and bullies!

Children's F.A.S.T. Defense Basics

Introduction to adrenal stress training,
plus Anti-Bully techniques.

F.A.S.T. Defense is quickly becoming the training of preference for self defense instructors the world over. Here's why:

  • Most traditional martial arts training is not very effective on the street.!
  • Without taking into account the devastating affects of adrenaline, your self defense training is not complete.
  • 95% of most physical confrontations can be avoided if you understand the use of awareness, verbal and boundary skills.
  • Effective self defense must deal with the adrenal rush and making it your advantage, rather than your downfall.
  • A high percentage of assaults on children are carried out without any physical force but with intimidation.
  • Teach your child the anti-abduction basics. Don't let your child become an easy victim for the predator.

This video was filmed during an actual Children's F.A.S.T. Defense training class at Shihan Pace's dojo. Taught by Bill Kipp, F.A.S.T. Defense President, this video includes:

  • The all important psychology of F.A.S.T. Defense Training.
  • Passive, Aggressive, Assertive postures for children.
  • The three modes of behavior when dealing with hostility.
  • Proper assertive stances.
  • Where to focus the eyes. Hand positions. How to stand.
  • How to develop 'Assertiveness Skills.'
  • The key to setting effective 'Boundaries.'
  • How to teach your child (or children's classes) to properly use their voice.
  • How to use the 'Woof' to make your training realistic.
  • Spatial drills to keep the bully away.


Portal of Safety Drills

These drills help a child feel a mild to moderate adrenal rush. Two different portal drills are demonstrated in the video. The first is a milder "woof" with the student backing down the bully or abductor. The second involves the use of a soft weapon to teach the child how to recognize the time to act physically if necessary.

Bulletman Fights

Watch a group of children fight the Bulletman using mostly eye strikes and groin kicks. They first try to de-escalate and back down the Bulletmen... but then it gets physical.

Bill Kipp had been teaching adrenal stress response training for almost twenty years. He is the head instructor for Peyton Quinn's famous RMCAT Center in the Colorado mountains.

Watch the master adrenal stress trainer at his best in front of a group of students.

Available on DVD only.