Military Self Defense
Hand to Hand Combat

Learn how the military trained it's special forces troops to fight in hand to hand combat. Although filmed over a half century ago, the techniques demonstrated and taught are extremely effective and just as useful today as they were then.

This 45 minute VHS video was originally developed by the US Military to train World War II special forces to defend themselves without weapons. Originally produced by the Pentagon on16mm film, this rare video retains the clarity and quality of it's origninal production.

Techiques from judo, boxing, savate, ju-jitsu and other fighting arts are taught in a simple to follow, stop action format with slow motion added where necessary.

Empty hand self defense against both empty handed and weapon bearing opponents using knife, pistol, rifle and club.

A number of realistic and effective throws and takedowns are included as well.

No self defense video library is complete without this rare, Pentagon video footage.