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Street Self Defense 101
Volume II

"Advanced Techniques Against the Most Common Street Attacks"

  • Easy to learn advanced techniques against the most common street attacks!
  • How to use every inch of your body to develop devastating power.
  • Using the "stop hit" to destroy your attacker!
  • Multiple defenses against the most common attacks.
  • Dealing effectively with distance.
  • How to defend against an attacker who attempts to pick you up... and slam you down.
  • Turning your attacker into a head first 'pile driver'.
  • How to anticipate certain types of attacks. This gives you an almost 'unfair advantage'.
  • Advanced techniques to defend against headlocks, chokes and strangles.
  • Simple throws against the common street attacks.
  • Multiple techniques against a good kicker.
  • Disarming and stopping an armed assailant.
  • Front and rear gun defenses.
  • Wiring in your self defense skills so they are automatic.
  • How to instantly disable even the toughest of street criminals.
  • Defending against the blade! Knife defenses you must know.
  • Plus much more...

The Street Self Defense 101 Volume II Visual Guide and
Manual is now available on CD.

Here are some comments from a few of our video students.

"Outstanding on Street Self Defense! I am a black belt in TKD...I am sure it will help me if I get attacked on the street...let me know if you make any other videos."

Harold Siemens, Charlotte, NC

"Thank you, this video is uncommon, the experience, the passion, the training, the techniques... In one word this video is extraordinary!"

Didier Samama, New York, NY

" Your video's are truly amazing. Thank you for your contribution to the world of self-defense. I am going to get the women's defense video of yours for my fiance` and mother as well, because after I showed them the 2 volumes I purchased they were sold. But as I said before, thank you!"

Andrew Howard, Cape Coral, FL

"These tapes are excellent! I teach taekwondo at Walla Walla College and plan to incorporate these effective, real world techniques into my classes. Thanks!"

Dan Calzaretta, Walla Walla, WA

"Street Self Defense 101 delivers! The presentation is well delivered and the explainations clear and easy to follow. The techniques practiced are practical and consistent with the theme of simplicity and effectiveness. Highly recommended."

Holmeng Wong, Auckland, New Zealand

"I have watched numerous self defense videos and found that the Street Self Defense 101 Volume I and II provided easy to follow methods that can be used by anyone for real self defense. For me after reviewing all the tapes I have seen, the video Street Self Defense Volume I and II by Shihan Pace is the easiest to understand and follow and includes nearly all the techniques I found useful from the other tapes."

Arnold Martin, Port Saint Lucie, FL

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