Now you can get over 300 pages and over 200 photos and illustrations of the US Military's self defense for just a few cents per page!

Unarmed Military Self Defense

These are the actual US Army Documents which have step by step instructions on how to defend against any kind of attack. It includes...

  • Defenses against stand up attacks.

  • Defenses against holds, death grips,
    clinches, chokes, locks and strangles!

  • Over 300 pages!

  • Over 200 photos and Illustrations!

  • Defenses against larger, more powerful opponents.

  • Defenses against knife, gun and club attacks!

  • Easy to Learn.

  • Realistic Defenses (not like some of the sugar coated stuff some are trying to pass off as real self defense!).

  • Simple and Effective - the Soldiers Lives Depend on it!

Complete Manual

US Army Unarmed Self Defense

This official US Army manual is available on an auto running CD in PDF format or as PDF Instant Download. Fully printable with browser friendly, menus.

Runs on any Windows platform computer (may run on MACs as well but we haven't tested them on a MAC).

These rare manuals are hard to find and expensive to purchase but we are able to bring them to you for just pennies a page.

Right now you can get this rare manual on CD in an 8 1/2 x 11 inch format. This means that you can print out two pages for each page of the manual for easy reading and following.