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Self Defense

US Marines Corps
Close Combat and Hand to Hand Fighting

Now you can get this hard to find official US Marine Corps close quarter combat and hand to hand fighting manual on CD Rom.

This complete 190 page book featuring the US Marines -LINE- system of hand to hand self defense is in PDF format to run on any computer. View the entire manual on your computer or print out all or any part it.

This Official US Navy document provides the methods and techniques of the Marine Corps System of Close Combat. It was used to teach Marines the skills required to defeat an opponent in close combat situations.

LINE is an acronym for:
inear-In-fighting-Neural-overide Engagement.

The manual was designed to teach Marines and Close Combat Instructors the use of proper techniques for hand to hand combat.

The LINE system includes:

  • Wristlocks

  • Chokes

  • Headlocks

  • Defenses against punches

  • Defenses against kicks

  • Knive attacks

  • Disarming techniques

190 pages in all, this rare book is available on CD Rom for only $19 (Regularly $25) plus $3 shipping and handling.


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